Money is corrupting our elections. We have a solution.

As our elections become increasingly flooded with special interest money, Americans have lost hope in our democracy.

CounterPAC has a plan to restore it.

How it works

  1. 1

    Call for Reform CounterPAC picks races where money is playing a particularly corruptive role, and we challenge the candidates to take a reform pledge that would bring greater accountability to their campaign practices.

  2. 2

    Incentivize Action We begin each race as a completely neutral entity, incentivizing candidates to take our reform pledges through our commitment to supporting those who do and holding those who fail to act accountable.

  3. 3

    Hold Candidates Accountable When we succeed in brokering mutual pledge agreements between candidates, we continue to monitor the race to ensure that both candidates are following the rules and any violations are met with appropriate accountability.

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Our Work

West Virginia 3rd Congressional District, 2014

Our Goal: No Dark Money

After 19-term Democratic incumbent Nick Rahall obstructed a pledge agreement with his opponent, we held him accountable on Election Day.

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Alaska Senate, 2014

Our Goal: No Dark Money

When Mark Begich dragged his feet, we deployed a series of campaigns that forced him to pay attention, ultimately getting him to agree publicly to take our proposed pledge.

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Colorado 6th Congressional District, 2014

Our Goal: No Dark Money

When Mike Coffman refused to take a ‘no dark money’ pledge, we used it as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to accountability.

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