CounterPAC's experiment this year was a success.

As the dust begins to settle in the wake of Election Day, we wanted to take a moment and share with you how excited we are about the results of our campaign.

In three of the most competitive races that took place this election, we succeeded in bringing the issue of political spending to the forefront of the debate, getting both candidates to go on public record about their willingness to take a stand against the critical problem of untraceable outside spending.

In Alaska’s Senate race — the most expensive in the state’s history — our advocacy literally forced Mark Begich to say that he would agree to sign our “no dark money” pledge.

In West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, it was our campaign that caused Evan Jenkins to challenge his opponent Nick Rahall to take a pledge rejecting outside money, and led to Rahall penning an op-ed calling for his own proposed “no dark money” pledge. We then continued to push the dialogue by orchestrating a high-profile public meeting between the candidates to finalize an agreement.

When Nick Rahall failed to show up, we held him accountable through our campaign advertising and earned media. The substantial negative attention that we drew to Rahall’s betrayal of democracy played a critical role in highlighting for West Virginia voters that they deserve better leadership than this.

With the 19-term incumbent now unseated, and Jenkins, a Republican, winning the tightest House race in the country thanks in part to his position on dark money, we’re proud to call our campaign a success — both in the result that it achieved and the message that it sent.

As the 2014 cycle draws to a close, we have great hope for what we can accomplish going forward.

Moneyed interests beware: we’re just getting started.