"No Dark Money" Pledge

The Candidates reject the following expenditures by any entity unless the funding source of the expenditure is clearly disclosed and can be traced back entirely to one or more of the following "transparent sources":

Rejected Undisclosed Expenditures. The Candidates reject the following expenditures by any entity failing to meet the criteria described above:

Proof of Qualification. Any entity making "independent expenditures" or "electioneering communications" concerning the Candidates must provide proof, wherever it does not already exist in the public domain, that it is a transparent source itself (as defined above), or that it is using a transparent source to fund its "independent expenditures" or "electioneering communications."

Countering Rejected Expenditures. Any "independent expenditure" or "electioneering communication" not funded exclusively from one or more transparent sources shall be considered a "rejected expenditure." If any rejected expenditure is made, the campaign committee of the Candidate that is advantaged by the rejected expenditure must, within three days of the expenditure, donate 50% of the cost of the rejected expenditure to a non-political, non-partisan, public charity of the opposing Candidate's choice.

Resolution of Disputes. If any dispute arises with regard to whether a rejected expenditure has been made, which Candidate has been advantaged by a rejected expenditure, the amount of a rejected expenditure, whether the rejected expenditure has been countered as described in this Agreement, or any other question about the terms of this Agreement, either Candidate may seek a determination from CounterPAC, an independent, nonpartisan political organization dedicated to challenging and offsetting the effects of outside organizations on congressional campaigns. CounterPAC's determination will be binding on the Candidates.

Further Cooperation of the Candidates. The Candidates will work together to limit the influence of third-party rejected expenditures in the campaign and to close any loopholes that may be discovered in this agreement during the course of the campaign.